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BMW Timing Chain ‚Äčreplacement ‚Äč

Timing Chain Replacement

On BMW's the Timing Chain is known for being weak, stretching over time and snaping. This particular fault affects a range of models across the 1,3 and 5 series; models mostly affected are 118D, 120D, 123D, 318D 320D and 520D (years 2007 - 2009).

When a timing chain snaps, the inlet and exhaust valves hit the pistons; bending the valves and damaging the cylinder head. It also shatters the rocker arms, snaps and distorts both the camshaft and camshaft housing, leaving the ending result in severe engine damage and at this ponit you will need either an engine rebuild or replacement.

So if your BMW Timing Chain needs replacing or you need an engine rebuild/replacement, to avoid any disappointment or expensive work needing to be done, bring your BMW vehicle to STR Service Centre.

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